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“That Beth – she is the best. Calm, cool, collected and a collaborator in the very best senses of the word…The results speak to her contribution – a long string of the most prestigious awards in the industry for videos that tell stories, evoke emotion and move people to action.”

Christopher Korody

Award Winning Writer & Marketing Guru

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Movie Editor

Facilitating a creative collaboration with filmmakers, is what I do best, and what I enjoy doing most. This process involves bringing fresh, new perspective to the project and to the footage. Simply put, editing is manipulating the footage to tell a compelling story. My editing expertise is about making the message clearer and more essential. I am proficient with Final Cut Pro and AVID HD editing systems.


In recent years I have had opportunities to produce and edit programs for non-profits as well as educational organizations for promotional and outreach purposes

Post-Production Supervisor

I take great satisfaction, as a Post-Production Supervisor, seeing a project through to its completion, on time and on budget. I have a list of proven composers, graphic artists and post-production facilities with whom I enjoy great working relationships. I am happy to bring these resources together to complete the post-production team.